My students say…


“I have learned that if you ride long enough, a horse may find you…one that challenges you to the point where you start to question why you ride, keep or love horses.  Fortunately, I found Katie Hill, and she had the answers to all those questions.”

“Katie is extremely sensitive to my horse’s personality; so in tune with him that I am quite sure she makes him smile.”

“Katie began by finding me the perfect partner:  a horse of the right size, temperament, knowledge and capability, who was sound and willing.  She has taught me more and brought me further than 40 years of other trainers.”

“I’d hit a roadblock training my horse.  With her help, I’ve been able to move forward in my training.”

“Katie has really advanced my riding to the next level.  Every one of Katie’s lessons makes me feel I have accomplished something, and I always leave the ring with a new goal to work towards.”